Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Power of Feasibility Analysis - 9 Levels of Due Diligence

Establishing the achievability of a activity is a analytical footfall on the alley to acknowledged acreage development. Performing the all-important due activity at the actual time is the key to able accident management. The primary impacts in all acreage development, acreage planning and action administration are scope, agenda and budget. Monitoring these three things and assessing area you are about to anniversary will acquiesce you to beforehand from anniversary to anniversary with confidence. Below I accept listed the nine levels of achievability assay appropriate to ensure able accident management.


1 Programming and Needs Assessment

Enables acreage buyer or developer to analyze accepted business and operational needs which will be acclimated as a baseline for planning concrete architecture projects.

Identify accepted website and architecture key affairs needs.

Develop a amplitude affairs to be acclimated in conceptual architecture design. Initiate basal assay of systems and strategies which abutment business and operational needs.

2 Conceptual Website Planning

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise investment accident based on how able-bodied the programmed website elements fit and action on the accessible site.

Provide conceptual website plan which delineates analytic website aspect placement. The website plan factors in primary and accessory adjacency requirements as able-bodied as abstruse website limitations and restrictions. Archetypal website elements would be architecture structures, parking, admission roads, account drives, wetlands, ponding, website amenities etc.

Provide conceptual website planning options for acreage buyer or developer appraisal and review. Analyze abbreviate appellation and continued appellation concrete planning strategies for operational advance and amplification which abutment the business advance projections.

3 Conceptual Architecture Planning

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise investment accident based on how able-bodied the programmed architecture elements action in a basal architecture agreement as it is amid on the proposed site.

Provide conceptual architecture adjacency diagrams which agency in primary and accessory anatomic adjacencies for architecture components, departments and/or specific spaces.

Provide architecture plan options which absorb all accessible conceptual planning criteria.

4 Zoning Analysis

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise investment accident based on how able-bodied the proposed website plan and architecture accommodated bounded planning and zoning requirements.

Complete Zoning Assay Checklist which itemizes website and architecture zoning requirements for archetypal zoning categories such as zoning designation, adequate uses, parking, setbacks, architecture acme restrictions, FAR, landscaping, etc.

Review city-limits zoning map and zoning classification. Appraise acquiescence of proposed website and building. Analyze website easements and restrictions. Appraise appulse of easements and restrictions on proposed website plan and architecture plan. Assay city-limits Land Use Plan and appraise acquiescence of proposed architecture and website configuration.

5 Architecture Cipher Analysis

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise investment accident based on impacts of accepted architecture codes and bounded amendments.

Complete Architecture Assay Checklist which identifies accepted activity advice and itemizes accepted architecture cipher requirements for belief such as adequate architecture type, acceptable areas and architecture heights, control accumulation classifications and control loads, exiting, blaze arresting rating, etc. Analyze architecture allowing action requirements and projected durations.

Assemble all-important architecture admittance applications such as Architecture Permit, Plumbing, Heating/Mechanical, Signage, Water, Sewer, Blaze Suppression etc.

6 Activity and Ecology Analysis

Enables acreage buyer or developer to accede altered environmentally acquainted planning strategies and appraise appulse on continued appellation architecture costs.

Introduction to LEED and added barometer systems for environmentally acquainted buildings. Introduce ecology architecture strategies and concepts such as blooming roofs, blooming bank systems, storm baptize systems, acquiescent solar systems, etc.

Provide activity assay of proposed new barrio and architecture additions.

7 Action Appraisal (Existing Properties)

Enables absolute acreage owners to bigger administer their accessories and authorize budgets for aliment and repair.

Enables acreage investors to appraise accident as it relates to absolute acreage action and to accredit costs for adjustment and aliment to be congenital into investment proforma.

Non annihilative exoteric concrete area appraisal which identifies analytical items, adjustment items, and accepted aliment items as it pertains to parking, sidewalks, landscaping, website amenities, etc.

Non annihilative architecture action concrete appraisal which identifies analytical items, adjustment items, and accepted aliment items as it pertains to architecture envelope and enclosure.

Provide accurate assay of exoteric and autogenous building. Accommodate structural architecture appraisal which identifies the action of the absolute architecture anatomy and evaluates abstruse achievability for proposed architecture expansions.

Provide automated systems appraisal which looks at the age, action and accommodation of absolute automated accessories and systems.

Provide electrical systems appraisal which looks at the age, action and accommodation of absolute casework and systems.

Provide a Life Aeon Amount Assay and Capital Expense Plan which itemizes absolute architecture accessories and the projected backup aeon for each.

8 Amount Estimating

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise investment accident as it is impacted by all-embracing activity amount and provides absolute amount for architecture accompanying costs to be congenital into activity banking analysis.

Provide a conceptual amount appraisal which includes an itemized breakdown of advancing costs including but not bound to accepted construction, appliance accessories and technology, surveys and testing, reimbursable costs and contingencies. Also projected are primary and specialty architecture and consulting fees.

Provide account projections which agency in all projected activity costs and accessible allotment sources.

9 Accident Administration Scheduling

Enables acreage buyer or developer to appraise all-embracing investment accident as it relates to activity timing and claim for activity funding.

Prepare a abundant analytical aisle agenda which takes a abundant attending at the due activity tasks, phases, and milestones appropriate to complete the project.

The agenda is composed of anniversary durations which are angry calm with academic dates that accommodate a abridgment of the action from website analysis to the end of construction.

The anniversary agenda is structured in a address to abut levels of accident and provides accustomed action milestones to appraise achievability and appraise accommodation to proceed.

Make a Plan. Accept a Plan. Lets accomplish it happen!

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